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Project Management

Outsourced PM

As a detailed focused individual, I can manage complex projects from IT build outs, planning and execution of your projects.  I have one focussed goal, and that is to deliver on time, every time!

Types of Projects

My skills best suit full scale build outs of IT systems, or logical projects.  Where you can clearly define what success will look like.  Weather it is a Comms Room tidy up, and office refit including managing contractors.  

I have a network of contractors to utilise and assist with the delivery of each part of the project.

IT services

Large Network Management

When you are operating a large network, I may have found that your IT department has a reduced response time for end user support.  If it takes days to fix a Microsoft Office issue on Jane’s computer.  And you cannot for the life of you know why it takes so long.  Then your IT team may be getting overwhelmed, or comfortable.  Sometime a guiding hand is needed to fix this, other times is has become a culture and needs a more proactive response.

Familiar with Multi-Vendor networks environments at scale and their quirks of working together, I am able to manage the network and server infrastructure efficiently.

Trained by Cisco, Microsoft and vmware.  And hands on experience across Palo Alto, Juniper, Meraki, HP Enterprise and Dell systems, builds on a vast knowledge of operation needs and how best to implement change.

Managed IT Services

If you have a medium size network (25 computers or above) then we can provide a managed IT service for you, to look after everything from your internet service, through to your server management and configuration, through to your staff’s desktop computers.  

Your entire IT infrastructure is monitored, and we proactively manage your Servers and Desktop devices, to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

We utilise a handy application to enable direct support for your end users.  They can right click and lodge a support request right from their computer.  Those support requests are handled either within the agreed SLA time frame or on best effort basis.

Training And Media Creation

Online and In-Person Training

I was luck early in my career to be a product trainer for a bespoke content management system.  Literally every build was different, and training was dynamically delivered in person and remotely.  I now have over 3000 hours of In-Person training experience.  And more that 4200 people have signed up to my online courses.

Media Creation

Ideal for the SaaS providers who need full self-service portals populated with content.  I can look at your most frequent helpdesk tickets and effectively explain the solution in multiple manners, written and video.  Allowing for content creation executed at speed

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