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Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the systems to me.


What I do


Project Management

As a detailed focused individual, I can manage complex projects from IT build outs, planning and execution of your projects.  I have one focussed goal, and that is to deliver on time, every time!


IT Services

With over 16 years in the IT industry covering just about every role there is, from Frontline Helpdesk to CTO Strategy services.  My skillset is varied encompassing SysOps, DevOps, Web Development and IT Consultancy.  I am open and honest and set realistic expectations for your projects. 


Training And Media Creation

I was luck early in my career to be a product trainer for a bespoke content management system.  Literally every build was different, and training was dynamically delivered in person and remotely.

Comfortably able to create task specific content, walk throughs and blog content.  Skilled in video production allows for professional content series and knowledge base content.

Why choose me

Flexible, Solutions, Delivered

Always on time

I hate missing deadlines, which requires creativity on managing 3rd party deliverables.

Hard working

I am not scared to get involved, and produce the result. As an individual or as a team member or leader.

Flexible availability

IT BAU is during office hours, but the real changes are achieved all around the clock.


A few of my clients

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